My Little Easter Story

by Christina Goodings, Claudine Gévry

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Descriere: A gorgeously illustrated small-format retelling of the Easter story, ideal for pre-schoolers Long ago, in Galilee, lived a man named Jesus. He told people how to live as friends of God. Do for others what you want them to do for you, he told them. Love one another—even those who are unkind to you. Forgive others, and God will forgive you.  This simple and sincere retelling of the Easter story is perfect for young children, introducing them to the great story at the heart of the Easter festival and its message of love. Bright illustrations help the story along, telling little children about all the events of the first Easter as told in the gospels. Key points include Jesus entry into Jerusalem and Palm Sunday, Jesus clearing of the Temple, the Last Supper and Judas betrayal, Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection, the appearance of the risen Jesus to the women at the tomb, and the spreading of the good news throughout the world.
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